1000km Challenge

Driving Australia Towards Circular Economy

The Challenge

Lay 1000km of TonerPlas Modified Asphalt

– Put waste to work by diverting over 500 million plastic bag equivalents from landfill

– Build 1000km of better quality, longer-lasting roads with a lower carbon footprint

– Create Australian jobs via Australian advanced manufacturing

Launch Date - 3/9/20
Total Progress to Date
Asphalt Laid 6.3%

State Contributions to Date

Percent Total 51%
Percent Total 32%
Percent Total 10%
Percent Total 7%

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Industry Partners

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General Public

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A Closer Look

The Product

“Made using post-consumer soft plastics and toner, TonerPlas results in high performance roads that last longer than traditional asphalt…” 

“That road was laid back in 2018 with much support from the council and today the road still looks pristine…” 

– 100% post-consumer, recycled material

– Made from plastics supplied by REDcycle and Cartridges 4 Planet Ark in your council
– Product of Australian advanced manufacturing

– Proven in roads by Downer under stringent quality criteria
– Available now to the entire asphalt industry
– Outperforms the current standard with improved rut resistance and 65% longer fatigue life

– Products containing TonerPlas received Order & Exemption from the NSW EPA.
– 1000km of TonerPlas modified asphalt would use plastic from:
Plastic Bags
Toner Cartridges
Council Support

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